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Performing in a foreign language

You are in Germany and will be staying and working here for a while? In the meantime, you would like to learn some German to get by? You would like to improve your German skills while at the same time getting more background information on Germany, its culture and people?

You need English in your job as you work in an internationally operating company and the colleagues you work most closely with have their offices in London, Sydney or other parts of the world rather than in Germany? Or you will soon have to do a presentation in front of an international audience?

Your company works internationally and knowing some French would be important to converse with your business partners and colleagues in France?

Whatever the challenge might be - Gabriela Lund Communication is happy to assist you so that you are well equipped for it from a language point of view.

You would like to get to know and describe your active language competence better?

There are tests available on the market which are based on the Common European Framework (CEF) and help you to do so.
» Please contact Gabriela Lund Communication for more information on placement tests or carrying out an assessment.

Use the evaluation you get at the end to plan your next training course accordingly.

When asked how well you speak a foreign language, it is often not easy to answer. Details on past exams and the number and duration of courses and contact with the relevant foreign language during stays abroad or at work are important information but they often do not help much to describe the actual language competence.

The Common European Framework by the Council of Europe defines different language levels and with this, introduces a standard and transparent system which enables us to compare language competencies.

We offer:

language training for your business purposes and tailor-made to your individual requirements, your professional tasks as well as the industry you work for

foreign language training to prepare you for your stay abroad with an additional focus on cultural and regional information

professional communication skills (such as presentation skills, negotiation skills, intercultural communication, telephoning) as well as commercial correspondence

specialized topics in webinars and seminars   » more info



(Small) group trainings

Focussing on communication skills

Inhouse- as well as presence trainings

(face2face) online trainings and webinars

Prior to every training, we will carefully carry out a needs analysis. The analysis will form the basis for the training course and define its goals and content. At the end, there will be a detailed evaluation to measure and describe its development and success.


Textauszug Mark Twain „Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache”

„Wer niemals Deutsch gelernt hat, hat keine Vorstellung davon, wie schwierig...”  mehrmore (PDF, 26 KB)


Fiche de travail    mehrmore (PDF, 103 KB)