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Specialized training is qualification and motivation for you and your team!

I acquired my professional experience while having worked with internationally operating companies. On this background, I offer specialized trainings in the following areas:

Human resources

Marketing, corporate communication or PR, respectively

Communication skills

All of these trainings can be delivered in either German or English. Foreign language needs can be catered for as well - depending on you, your team's or your industry's requirements.

1: English for...

English for Marketing and AdvertisingEnglish for Marketing and Advertising: For professionals working in advertising agencies or marketing departments who want to be able to communicate effectively in English with their clients and business partners.
[ISBN 978-3-464-01876-7]

English for Human ResourcesEnglish for Human Resources: This book aims at employees of HR departments or recruitment agencies and enables professionals of these areas to carry out their work effectively in English.
[ISBN 978-3-464-01881-1]

I am a freelance editor and editorial advisor at Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin. While editing the Cornelsen titles 'English for Human Resources' and 'English for Marketing and Advertising' of the Short Course Series, Englisch im Beruf, I was able to pull from both my professional background and my teaching skills.

2: Activities

You would like to get a taste of the kind of activities you might come across during a training session by Gabriela Lund Communication?

Click here to try these:

Human resources (PDF, 27 KB)

Marketing and corporate communication (PDF, 40 KB)

Communication skills (PDF, 31 KB)

3: Gabriela Lund as a trainer

On behalf of MW Media Workshop GmbH Gabriela delivers the following training-course:

Press Releases in English » more

4: Food for thought

When dealing with my clients' and their assignments, the following questions came up rather frequently:

Multicultural competence - is there such a thing? And if so, which role do inter- or multicultural competence play when learning a (or yet another) foreign language?  » more (German)

How can I ensure that my employees communicate effectively with each other, if not all of them speak the target language as their mother-tongue?

Gabriela Lund put her thoughts and ideas on these questions together. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in contact: